Tap into a wealth of educational resources and a nurturing community of healthcare professionals who are committed to guiding you in managing your health.

Your Health, Your Way

We pledge our commitment to delivering patient-centric care, which aims to enable you to govern your wellness and make informed decisions that correspond to your individual needs and preferences.

Your Primary Care Provider will make a referral to specialists when necessary. An authorization for specialty care must be completed and approved before any treatments or tests can take place. Specialists will be selected from within the Paramount, IPA Network of Providers.

Your PCP will work with you to become familiar with your healthcare needs and your medical history. Your PCP will manage your care and refer you to specialists when necessary.

Contact your Primary Care Provider on your card to schedule an appointment.

You can call Paramount, IPA Member Services at (626) 289-7642; Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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