Championing quality, efficiency, and self-rule, Paramount IPA stands at the forefront of Independent Physician Associations, committed to unparalleled patient care.

Paramount, an Independent Physician Association (IPA) with multicultural roots, was brought to life by physicians who desired to service their managed care patients' healthcare needs proficiently while upholding quality standards. Given the quick-paced transformation of healthcare, we believe in keeping autonomy to ensure cost-effective medical practices and optimal quality healthcare.

All-encompassing patient care is guaranteed by Paramount through the relationships we've built with the medical specialists in the community, who render necessary services outside the primary care physician's domain. The existing relationship between Paramount's primary care providers and the medical and surgical specialists aids in providing thorough care to patients. Paramount's rich network of physicians is a point of pride.

Paramount physicians work diligently to boost their patients' longevity and quality of life. We are committed to ensuring timely access to all healthcare requirements for our patients. These principles, fundamental to Paramount, are the goals we continuously strive to achieve.